Best of 2018 -Part 4: It's Black It's White

My love for photography didn’t start 4 years ago when I started this business. It began when I was a teenager. I have always loved taking pictures. Growing up you could find me without a phone but I always have had a camera. I used to get excited about my film being ready at CVS, and finding ten good pictures out of the roll. My love for photos runs deep, and with that love, black and whites are at the top of my list.
Black and white photos provide a timeless focus to pictures. Even though the color is absent the story still pops. Black and white screams classic to me, which is why a lot of my branding is black and white. Picking my favorite black and whites is hard because I love them so much.

Now, I understand that not everyone loves black and whites like I do, which is why I provide a color version as well. But black and whites and tomorrow’s category will always be included in everything I do.

Tomorrow it’s candids ….

Til next time