Best of 2018 Part 1: You Want Thingamabob's I Got Plenty

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over. Personally not much has really changed. Business wise it has been quite a year. I did a ton of weddings. More than any other year. I did some styled shoots. I was published 5 times. I learned off camera flash. I grew in my skills. With all that went on narrowing down my favorite photos to one post is too hard so. like last year narrowed them down to categories: Non-human, kids, wedding pics, black and whites, candids, and MVPs (Most Valuable Pictures).

Today is non-human pics, which include anything that can’t talk back. GEM is all about capturing human interaction and relationship, but as a wedding photographer, these pictures tell a story as well .

Make sure you come back tomorrow for my favorite kids photos from 2018.

Til next time