G Turns 8- Downtown New Haven & Bradley Point Beach- West Haven, CT

It's a day I'll never forget... I remember my mom knocking on my door at 10am (normal for a summer day), and telling me that my sister was in labor. I remember telling my boss I couldn't work because I was about to me the baby who would steal my heart and never give it back. I walked into the hospital room and Yale New Haven and found a angelic newborn with soft skin and perfect round face.....

Here we are eight years later and we are shooting her birthday shoot. Like I said in E's 6 year old shoot they ask for it months in advance. I asked her where to do it and she said the beach. I want ted to do her formal pictures in the downtown area because to be honest I really wanted a burger from Shake Shack... I also love the architecture ;). It was a gorgeous day in the city up until the time we stopped for donuts at Donut Crazy (the cannoli one is my favorite) and it started to pour. It actually turned to be a blessing because the cloudy sky provided the perfect light. This year G wore a red dress because the first shoot she did she wore white and the next blue. With G being a Fourth of July baby I thought this would be a fun way to weave each year together.

I loved this shoot because it involved a lot of my favorite things the beach, the city, and most importantly my family... And now time for the pictures ...

The Downtown Pics

The Beach Pics

Til Next Time