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I cant believe 2019 is a little over 2 weeks old. It’s that time of year when my fellow wedding photographers and I have a slow season where we try to set goals , pay taxes (yuck), and use continuing education to learn how to be better photographers for our 2019 and beyond couples. I have set goals, and I can proudly say I have done a great job at keeping them in the last two weeks. I have paid my taxes ,and well let’s just say I am on the college Ramen noodle meal plan for a month. This year I am traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia for two in person workshops, but I am also taking a few online workshops and classes.

I was one of those kids who loved school and learning, and I still do. I love learning new things, discovering new ways to do things better, and growing as a person. I have been recently researching the top trends of 2019, and I thought I would share my findings.

Grey is the New Blush

GEM Photography Mt Snow

Though blush and champagne are classic wedding colors brides are moving from warm color palettes of rose gold and soft pinks to cool palettes of silvers and blues. Rich blues, hunter green, burgundy, and slate are becoming the new staple colors in the wedding world.

Real Furniture vs Average Venue Seating

farm wedding furniture

When my friends were getting married seat covers were all the rage. Then it moved it into gold backed chairs with cushions (you know the ones). But now with the growing for desire for community, furniture that would normally found in the home are now being found at weddings as well.

Intimate Gatherings Instead of Over the Top Galas

GEM Photography Communal Head Table

We live in the days of social media, which has brought the desire for close knit community to a head. Today’s brides and grooms are looking for their day to be about experiencing their day with those that they do life with on a day to day basis. You see this in the growing popularity of communal head tables verse sweet heart tables. First looks or longer cocktail hours are more frequent so couple have the ability to spend quality time with their guests.

More Money for More Mangia

GEM Photography wedding food

2019 couples are spending more high quality food than other aspects of the wedding day. Large portions of the budget that used to go to floral and dresses are now going to food and beverages to be enjoyed with beloved guests. Quality dining experiences around the table are becoming more valued than centerpieces in the middle of the table.

90’s Back Alright

GEM Photography Groomsmen

I am a 90’s kid through and through, and the trend I am most excited about it this one. I say the my office is a 90’s music zone. Since most of the generation that grew up in the 90s are marrying later we are seeing our nostalgia come to play in weddings. Bright color accents to 90’s cover bands are giving my favorite decade a comeback.

Let’s Get Personal

GEM Photography rings

Individuality is taking over the wedding world. Personal touches are what couples are using to make their wedding about them and not just throwing a fancy party. Brides are getting custom dresses more and more instead of getting a dress they saw in a magazine. Yes. Pinterest is still a very strong force in wedding planning, but now couples are using their story as inspiration more than their Pinterest board.

The Simple Life

GEM Photography home wedding

Small backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular. Instead of having lavish weddings are choosing to keep the day simple. We can thank Megan Markle for this trend, Yes, she married a prince in front of the world but her simple elegance has inspired brides all over the world. Her simple makeup and clean white dresses have definitely played a part in the simple elegance we are seeing in the industry.

Come Fly With Me

GEM Photography Sodo Park

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Whether domestically or internationally couples are taking their loved ones to experience another place with them. From Nashville to Paris weddings are becoming a weekend event instead of just a one day event. I love to travel so this trend is right up my alley.

Installations vs Flowers Everywhere


I think Instagram is to thank for this. Having installations are a beautiful backdrop for photography. These jaw dropping displays bring the wedding floral attention and focus. They show of the talent of their vendor, and tell their guests how important flowers are to them in a grand way.

Short and To The Point

GEM Photography engagement ring

2019 couples are planning their weddings in 6-8 months instead of the year long process of old. If they have a popular date that is meaningful they are still booking vendors far out but most are shortening engagement times and just getting to the marriage. We live in the age of instant gratification so I can see why this is a growing trend.

Based on these trends I am excited to shoot weddings this year. I love good food, traveling, 90’s anything, and getting to the point, so this year is going to be a good year

Til Next Time

Raina .

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Creative Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos |GEM Photography| CT Wedding Photographer

You’re back from the beach, park. mountaintop, or some other location of amusement. You are sitting on couch relaxing and are delighted by the notification from your photographer of a sneak peek. A couple weeks later your online gallery is ready and the share button is your new best friend. Next stop Instagram or Facebook, but is that all.

Let’s Get Creative

There are typical ways for you to use your engagement photos: save the dates, wedding info website, photo-guestbook,matted photo for signing, and a new profile pic. I thought I would provide some new ways you could share or re-purpose your photos. I thought I would also offer some fun ideas from the GEM family (the ladies because the guys in my family are not creative in that way)

Raina’s Ideas

  1. Coasters - Coasters are great for your shower, Jack and Jill, reception, or even your engagement party. These are perfect for all of you who cant stand the site of a water ring, but love the sight of you and your beloved.g

  2. Luggage Tags- What better way to identify your luggage on your honeymoon than these personally designed tags.

Laurie’s (my mom) Idea

  1. Christmas Tree Ornament - My mom is the Christmas queen, so I am not surprised she offered this idea. This is holiday decoration is a sweet way to signify your first year of marriage.

Stephanie’s (my sister) Idea

  1. Coffee Mugs- My sister always says that “wait I need coffee first”. Her choice was definitely inspired from her love for caffeinated gold. What better way to do wedding planning with a mug in your hand decorated with your engagement photos.

April’s (my sister in law) Ideas

  1. A countdown calendar- This is perfect for couples who get their photos back a year before their wedding. Using your pictures for a calendar will allow you to display 12 of your favorite photos.

  2. A phone case - Let’s just admit we live on our phones, this choice will be seen the most, which means will give you a great use of your time

Now I asked my nieces if they had any ideas but since it didn’t involve Roblox or Pikmi Pops they had nothing to offer me this time. I hope you enjoyed these fun suggestions. I think it is important to print your photos. and I hope this post inspired you to do so …..

Engagement Photos at the Wedding

Here are some photos of how past couples have used their engagement photos.

Until next time


Best of 2018- Part Six: Sorry Lebron These Pics Are The Real MVPs

I can’t believe this is the last day of 2018. I feel like I took a nap and woke up to New Year’s Eve. This year flew by, They say, “Time flies when you are having fun”. Well. I must have had the time of my life (love that song) because 2018 moved at lightning speed. I did a ton of weddings, took some really cute family pics, and in yearly tradition took a ton of pics of my nieces.

Having such a great year, photography wise, it made it hard narrowing my ultimate favorites. When thinking of how to narrow it down I used these criteria:

  1. Did I post it on social media or will I

  2. Was it well received by onlookers

  3. Did it make or will make my website

  4. Would I want this printed in my own house

  5. Does it show my growth

I want to personally thank everyone who helped make this year a dream job come true… I am excited for 2019 and have some big things in store for years to come but this truly will be a year I will never forget…

See you next year


Best of 2018- Part Five: Let's get Candid

Yesterday I mentioned how much I love black and whites, but nothing makes my heart skip a beat like a candid photo. I have taken quite a few classes on posing, and as a wedding and family photographer posing is a necessary skill. But there is something so special about candid photos. It tells the real story. Candid photos show the true mood of the wedding day or the actual personality of a child. Candid photos show a relationship in a pure way. Capturing the moment is always my goal. no matter what session or wedding I am photographing.

I love that I get to capture memories for people. It is such an honor to be apart of someone’s life in an artistic way. 2018 provided a lot of great in between moments. I am excited to see what 2019 has in store.

Tomorrow’s blog is about my MVPs of 2018….

Til next time


Best of 2018 -Part 4: It's Black It's White

My love for photography didn’t start 4 years ago when I started this business. It began when I was a teenager. I have always loved taking pictures. Growing up you could find me without a phone but I always have had a camera. I used to get excited about my film being ready at CVS, and finding ten good pictures out of the roll. My love for photos runs deep, and with that love, black and whites are at the top of my list.
Black and white photos provide a timeless focus to pictures. Even though the color is absent the story still pops. Black and white screams classic to me, which is why a lot of my branding is black and white. Picking my favorite black and whites is hard because I love them so much.

Now, I understand that not everyone loves black and whites like I do, which is why I provide a color version as well. But black and whites and tomorrow’s category will always be included in everything I do.

Tomorrow it’s candids ….

Til next time


Best of 2018- Part 3: Mawidge is Wat Bwings Us Togeva Today

2018 has been the year of weddings. I actually was a guest at a wedding for the first time in a long while. I can officially sing My Wish by Rascal Flats in my sleep. I love weddings. Yes, it is a very expensive day of an American’s life but is also one of the most special. As a wedding photographer, I get to spend the most time with the couple, and I like it a lot (Lloyd Christmas voice).

Since this has been the year of weddings I have divided this post into categories: getting ready, first looks, ceremony, family, wedding party, bride and groom.. and reception. These will be posed (except getting ready) photos because candids have their own blog post on Sunday. Thank you to all of my couples this year. You truly made this year super special.

Getting Ready

First Looks



Bridal Party

Bride and Groom


Phew. If you made it this far thank you for taking the time to look at my work… I know its a lot but I took a lot of photos this year. See you tomorrow for my favorite black and white photos.

Til next time


Best of 2018 Part 2 : Kids Kids (Friends Reference)

I started taking pictures because of children. My nieces needed a comfortable environment to get pictures. This year I didn’t do many kids and family portraits sessions, but I still took enough to make this blog post. I am around children all the time with being a substitute teacher and a full-time auntie ;). I love taking pictures of kids because they are so authentic. Get ready for some major cuteness. I also included dogs in this post, because let’s face it, we live in an age where dogs are considered children as well.

Best of 2018 Part 1: You Want Thingamabob's I Got Plenty

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over. Personally not much has really changed. Business wise it has been quite a year. I did a ton of weddings. More than any other year. I did some styled shoots. I was published 5 times. I learned off camera flash. I grew in my skills. With all that went on narrowing down my favorite photos to one post is too hard so. like last year narrowed them down to categories: Non-human, kids, wedding pics, black and whites, candids, and MVPs (Most Valuable Pictures).

Today is non-human pics, which include anything that can’t talk back. GEM is all about capturing human interaction and relationship, but as a wedding photographer, these pictures tell a story as well .

Make sure you come back tomorrow for my favorite kids photos from 2018.

Til next time