Hi My Name Is.....


......Raina aka Raindear, Auntie, Raina, and many more rain inspired nicknames. I have loved taking pictures since the days before cell phones, social network, and digital cameras. Before you try to find out how ancient I am, let me tell you about myself. I am a New England raised woman who grew up in a close knit family. I love coffee, shopping, family, and New York Sports. I love being outside capturing authentic interactions.

Why GEM???

My family is woven into everything in this business. From the names of packages to the actual business name itself. I don't see people as clients but extended family... A session or event is just like being with my family we love hard and laugh harder. I started my photography business because I wanted to help family members be comfortable in front of the camera. And the same goes for my "extended family"... This is why I always get the feedback of "you captured the person/event so well..."



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